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I am a writer, photographer and visual artist.
I am the founder of TORII, a creative writing school born to strengthen human connections.
I was born in Campinas (state of São Paulo, Brazil), in 1989. 
I grew up in São Paulo under the influence of five cultures (Brazilian, Japanese, Swiss, Czech and French). I lived in France for 3 years and traveled over 30 countries around the world.

As an artist, I dedicate my work to the common grounds of art, nature & science.


- - - 

Academic background

2014, Master in Environmental Policy, Sciences Po Paris (France)

2012, Bachelor in International Affairs, PUC-SP (Brazil)

Professional background

2020, Content & Community Manager, Preta Terra (Brazil)

2020, Digital Communication Manager, Supernova (Brazil)

2019-2014, Project Coordinator, Black Jaguar Foundation (Brazil)

2013-2014, Partnership Assistant, Goodplanet Foundation (France)

Relevant experiences

2020, SWY 32 (Ship for World Youth 32, Cabinet Office of Japan

2019, 'Drawing as a tool of the mind', Fábio Tremonte, CPF, SESC-SP

2017, 'The worker of the future​', Victor Pinedo

2016, 'Intro do Organic Agriculture, AAO-SP

2015, 'Intro to Permaculture', Peter Webb

Art Residencies

2019, Kaaysá Art Residency, Boiçucanga (Brazil)

2018, Art Residence Prague, Prague (Czech Republic)

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